Park in the Fall



Protecting the future.

The disastrous effects of climate change are becoming more and more visible, but our children and their children will see the most catastrophic results. We must tackle this issue for their sake, and with all the urgency that it demands. 


We must advocate for pushing national policy to tackle climate change and promote environmental issues. Melanie is a supporter of recent government initiatives like the banning of banning trophy hunt imports, the ‘blue planet fund’ to tackle ocean plastics and extending our protected areas of the ocean. 

Building local change is vital in the struggle against climate change. Wandsworth initiatives like EV charging stations have been hugely successful and will pay off hugely in the next decades. We now have over 560 electric sockets in Wandsworth. Building this infrastructure is a key step in moving to electric cars, away from fossil fuels, and to our target of being Carbon neutral by 2030.