Park in the Fall

Conservative Councillor for St Mary’s Park

and Cabinet member for Adult Social Care & Health

Melanie became Cabinet Member of Adult Care and Health in June 2019.  With an annual budget of £140 m and over 600 staff this is one of the largest portfolios at Wandsworth Council. A strong focus on how we could overcome barriers to career progression has led to the most diverse department in the council.


She bought to the role her business experience and eye for detail.  Social care is a huge area, with care for the vulnerable, our elderly, the disabled and those with other medical or mental health needs. It is a real partnership between the council, health professionals, service providers and our wonderful voluntary sector.


Melanie says; “At the core what it is all about supporting individuals to maintain their independence and dignity”.


The Health part of the role is wide ranging and she led campaigns to encourage flu vaccination, MMR and mental health support. Lonliness is a growing urban problem and she is very proud to have reached out with the very popular Silver Sunday Tea Dance event at the town hall to encourage seniors to come and enjoy themselves.


The post Covid future allows us to build on the learnings of the Pandemic, faster hospital discharge, smarter use of digitalisation and more effective triaging of services.


‘’It has been a privilege to meet so many dedicated social workers and to understand their roles and their challenges.  We have worked hard to ensure that this is a diverse and representative workforce with great care to the needs of staff and a nurturing environment to encourage career progression.  I have worked tirelessly on our relationship with our great voluntary sector.  I have been humbled by the covid crisis seeing staff just get on with it and match the shifting sands of challenge at this difficult time.’’